What is Pora Ora?

Come with us on a magical journey full of fun, fantasy and imagination. Unlock your child’s love of learning with our brand new and exciting apps. Pora Ora is more than just a game - it’s a universe, powered by play.

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  Pora Pal HQ
Your Pals, Your Story

At the heart of Pora Ora lies Pora Pal HQ, a downloadable desktop game world which brings all of the great features of Pora Ora together. Here, children can customise their home, explore worlds, collect and care for their Pora Pals, play educational games, and interact with their friends and classmates.
The full version of Pora Pal HQ is available as a low-cost one-off purchase. This allows unlimited access for your child and includes all future upgrades at no extra cost.

For Windows Only
Coming soon for Mac

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  Pora Ora: Leapfrog

A new tournament is about to start! Grab your Pora Pals, put on your multiplication cap and get ready to challenge the big bosses - or even your friends!

  Pora Ora: Spellfire

Let battle commence! Find as many words as you can to charge up your energy, then blast and block your way to the title of Spellfire Champion! You'll need speed, skill and spellings galore to win this battle.