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Welcome to Pora Ora! Our games and apps will add sparkle to your child's learning.

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Pora Ora is Learning

Pora Ora is a universe of high-quality, interconnected games and apps with real educational content to make primary learning fun.

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Pora Ora is Caring

Pora Ora is home to a vast collection of Pora Pals, which children can collect and care for by playing our many educational games.

Pora Ora is Pora Pal HQ

At the heart of Pora Ora lies Pora Pal HQ, a downloadable desktop world containing all of our educational games in one place. Explore, collect, interact with friends and classmates and, of course, learn!

Pora Ora is Apps

Pora Pal HQ is supported by a series of apps, each of which covers a different learning topic and introduces a host of new Pora Pals to the universe.

Pora Ora is Motivation

Children are encouraged to learn and progress, by unlocking exclusive new Pora Pals and other rewards.

Pora Ora is Together

Friends and classmates can compete in our real-time multiplayer apps. The friendly competition will encourage your child to aim higher and further in their learning.

Pora Ora is Family

As parents ourselves, we appreciate your needs. Pora Ora allows you to support your child and have fun with them as they learn.

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Take advantage of our introductory offer and get started with Pora Pal HQ, the heart of the Pora Ora universe.

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All of our educational games in one place. Choose your favourite, and check back to see what's new.

Parent Section

Information and resources to help you get the most out of Pora Ora for your child.